CarpalRest® DR

Keyboard Drawer Slides

The keyboard drawer is an economical solution to proper keyboarding height. Many desks have a surface that is too high, causing the user to reach upward to use the keyboard. The keyboard drawer attaches under the work surface making keying and mousing more comfortable.

The ball bearing slides allow for quick and easy storage under the work surface, freeing up the desktop for other work.

The DR drawer slides are designed to accommodate all CarpalRest® keyboard platforms.


Features & Benefits

  • 3 fixed-height settings: 2 1/2", 3", and 3 1/2" below the mounting surface.
  • Easy one-handed retraction for under-the-desk storage.
  • Hold-in, hold-out locking feature stabilizes platform.
  • Drawer extends the keyboard tray out from the desk for a more comfortable
    distance from the monitor.
  • Mounting brackets are reversible for added flexibility.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Technical Information

Height Adjustment:Fixed 2 1/2", 3", orSlide:Ball bearing
3 1/2" below the mounting pointSlide Length:15"
Mounting Area:
Slide Travel:9 1/4"
  Inward Mount:1 1/4" + platform lengthColor / Finish:Black powder coat
  Outward Mount:3 1/4" + platform lengthNet Weight:3lbs
Fox Bay
Industries, Inc.
Distrubuted By: 10/02