TarsalRest™ FR19 / FR19X

Foot Supports

Give your back a rest and relieve stress on your legs. The TarsalRest™ foot supports keep your feet at the proper height and move with you, helping to promote good posture.

By relieving the stress on your legs, back and neck, our ergonomic foot supports reduce the tension and fatigue which can cause pain, numbness and discomfort.

These foot supports are functional, attractive and an important part of a good ergonomic work environment.


Features & Benefits

  • Reduces fatigue and back strain.
  • Relieves stress on legs, back and neck.
  • Promotes circulation in legs and feet.
  • Promotes proper posture.
  • Black, rubber covered platform tilts to improve foot position.
  • Sturdy chrome frame is attractive and durable.
  • Limited 25 year warranty.

Technical Information

Platform Height:3" 6"
Platform Dimensions:19 x 12" x 1/2" 19 x 12" x 1/2"
Platform Tilt:+20° to -20° +20° to -20°
Net Weight:5 1/2lbs 5 1/2lbs
Fox Bay
Industries, Inc.
Distrubuted By: 10/02